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While a few free, after-the-close blog posts are adequate for casual investors, serious traders understand professional tools are necessary to achieve the best results. Cracked.Market combines six premium services and two daily emails into a single, inexpensive subscription for serious traders that want to take their trading to the next level:

  • Premium Analysis: Receive Cracked.Market’s renowned analysis every day during trading hours while there is still time to act on these ideas and insights
  • Market Mentor: This section focuses on the art of trading and covers strategy and execution using examples from that day’s price action
  • Jani’s 3x Trading Diary: This is where I discuss my thoughts and feelings about my personal trades
  • Jani’s 3x Trading Plan: How I’m trading this market
    • Most Likely Next Move: Where I think the indexes are headed next
    • My 3x Trading Plan: How I’m trading the indexes using leveraged ETFs
    • If I’m Wrong: Recognizing when I’m wrong how I protect myself
  • Highfliers: Focuses on the hottest trades and how to profit from them on the way up……and the way down
  • Trade-Ideas: Up-to-date strategies applicable to the current market environment

Unlike other subscription services, I do not bury you under a mountain of useless trading ideas or suggest you make hundreds of commission robbing day-trades. I don’t trade that way and neither should you. I only give you the best-of-the-best ideas because your time is too valuable to be spent chained to a computer conducting hours of research, scanning hundreds of charts, and following every market gyration. Over the last three decades, I’ve been perfecting my trading routine to get the most out of the market with the least amount of effort. While others try to impress you with overly complex option strategies or give you hundreds of charts and indicators to sort through, I keep this simple by focusing exclusively on the most effective trades.

But more than just generic analysis and trading ideas, subscribers receive tactical commentary not available on the free blog, explaining the thought process behind my personal trading decisions. Whether you are new to trading and looking to learn from a mentor with years of experience, a busy professional that doesn’t have the time to follow every market move, or an active trader seeking idea diversification, these services are designed to help you get the most out of the market.

Don’t wait any longer, start your $10 one-month trial today! And rest assured, I don’t make you jump through any hoops to cancel. All it takes is a single click in your account and you won’t be charged another dime! But if you are like most of my subscribers, rather than cancel, you will love the service so much you will upgrade to the annual plan.

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