Real-Time Trade Alerts 2

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3There are potential tax implications when actively trading long, short, and leveraged ETFs; please consult a tax advisor before implementing any trading strategy in a taxable account.

4Only subscription fees paid by the subscriber are eligible for a refund.  Refund requests must be made within thirty-days of the subscriber’s twelve-month anniversary.  Performance is calculated using actual Real-Time Trade Alter execution prices and individual results may vary depending on how closely a subscriber follows the alerts.  A hypothetical account value of $10,000 will be used to calculate potential profits, but due to the variation in brokerage commissions and fees, these costs will be excluded from the model portfolio.  The shortfall between the calculated profits and the actual subscription fees paid will be refunded to the subscriber.  This offer only applies to new subscribers in good standing that have completed a full 12-month subscription.

5Prorated service will be calculated using the monthly subscription rate and does not include discounts, promotions, or complimentary service.

6Participants are required to do their own due diligence before opening an account with any broker and CrackedMarket, LLC is disclaiming any and all responsibility for the performance or viability of Ditto Trade, Inc. as a business and broker.  Use Ditto Trade, Inc. at your own risk.