Subscription Help

1)  Spam-Free Guarantee:  Your email is only used to send CrackedMarket updates and will never be shared with anyone else.

2)  Activating Email Subscription:  Problems activating your email subscription?  Try the following:

  • After submitting your email address, we will send a confirmation email and you need to click on the enclosed link to activate your subscription.  You will not receive email alerts until you complete this step.
  • If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder and then be sure to add ‘[email protected]’ to your address book or allowed list to ensure all future emails from CrackedMarket are delivered to your inbox.
  • If you still cannot find the confirmation email in your inbox or spam folder, add ‘[email protected]’ to your address book and then resubmit your email address in the subscription form to have a new confirmation email generated and sent to you.  You should also check to see what Spam settings are enabled that might be causing the problem.
  • If you continue to have problems, register for an account with CrackedMarket, which bypasses the email confirmation step and automatically activates your email subscription.  Registered users can manage their email subscription preferences here.
  • Another option is if you have multiple email addresses between work or home, try the other address because most likely the problem is with your email server flagging CrackedMarket emails as spam and rejecting them.
  • If none of the above work, contact us and we can manually add and activate you to our subscription list.

3)  Emails with Text Excerpts:  Unregistered users can only receive text excerpts of posts by email and need to visit to view the full post.  See the next line-item for instructions on how to receive full-posts by email.

4)  Full-Posts by Email:  If you want to receive full posts by email, register for an account and then select full posts in your profile.  Chose HTML if you would like the email alerts to include charts, active links, and formatting.

5)  Service Interruption:  If you already activated your subscription and have been receiving alerts but seem to be experiencing a service interruption, please notify us of this problem and we will investigate it on our end.

6)  Unsubscribe:  Existing subscribers can unsubscribe here.

Sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.