Jani’s Trading Diary

Jani’s Trading Diary is delivered by email every morning after the open and is comprised of the following sections:

My Trading Diary:
Peek inside my head and get raw, unfiltered insights into how I view the market, including thoughts on my personal trades. This is far and away my favorite thing to write because it lets me be me. I don’t have to concern myself with being fair, balanced, and objective. This is where I can be opinionated and share my true, and sometimes controversial, opinions. And even more important, this is where I come up with the ideas that make me money in the market!

Make no mistake, this is my real trading diary. That means it lacks the polish and finesse of my more widely distributed Premium Analysis. But that also makes it more authentic. Be there as I dissect my successes…and failures. Some posts will be brief and to the point, others longer and free-flowing. One might be factual, while another is personal and reflective.

In my other subscription, I aim to be objective and analytical. My Trading Diary is the opposite. By design, it is emotional and raw. The market is always throwing curveballs at us and no matter how hard we try, we are not robots. This is where I let my guard down and my unfiltered thoughts and feelings come out.

My Trading Plan:
Here is where I lay out my trading intentions. This section is split into three subcategories:

  • Most Likely Next Move: This is what I expect the market to do over the next few hours and days
  • My Trading Plan: This is how I plan to trade the market’s next move
  • If I’m Wrong: This is what it looks like if I am wrong and how I will get out of a losing position

Important Note: My goal isn’t to trade for you, it is to help you become a better trader. I share my trading intentions, but it is still up to you to decide what to do with this information.

14-day Money Back Guarantee: If at any point over the first 14 days you decide this service is not for you, I will refund your full subscription.

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