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Welcome to Cracked.Market, the most generic looking website in the stock market! But seriously, if you are searching for the best FREE stock market analysis and coaching in the business, you found the right place. If you would rather interact with a pretty website, you need to go somewhere else.

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I’m a savvy stock market analyst with three decades of trading experience and have been teaching and coaching other traders for more than a decade. Hopefully, you don’t mind that I focus all of my effort on my analysis and coaching, not my website.

Second, don’t look for absurd testimonials on my website either. Those claims are nothing more than shallow marketing BS. Let 1,000 blindfolded chimpanzees pick random stocks and 10 of them will end up with eye-popping profits due to nothing more than dumb luck. Don’t be seduced by someone else’s blatant marketing hype. Those “I made $25k on my first trade” claims are nothing more than highlighting one of the lucky few chimpanzees. (And who knows if those people are even real???)

Anyone can get lucky on a single trade, but very few traders are successful across years and decades. If you crave unrealistic hype, look somewhere else. If you want to learn how to be a successful trader over the long-term, this website will become your best friend.

And this leads to my third point, successful trading is hard. Really hard. Trading is a profession just like engineering, flying, medicine, and elite athletics. Would you drive across a bridge designed by someone whose only engineering experience was a $1,995 three-day seminar? Would you get on an airplane with a pilot that just completed a $995 introductory video series on how to fly? Would you let someone operate on you that just completed a $499 online course? Yet far too many people trust their family’s financial future to similarly ridiculous claims of making easy money in the stock market with zero effort.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing is easy in the stock market. It takes effort, education, and years of experience to become a proficient trader. The rewards are definitely worth it, but it isn’t going to happen in a week, month, or even year.

No doubt many of you tried these other services. And there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we have to try something before we understand what we really need. If these hyped-up services delivered on their grand promises, you won’t be on my website looking for an alternative. You tried the others, now it is time to try something totally different. This won’t be easy, but your chances of success are far greater following my methods than these other get-rich-quick schemes

And lastly, never trust anyone that demand you pay up-front. Those are the take-your-money-and-run outfits. They don’t care if you are successful because they are already moving on to the next mark.

While I do offer an inexpensive premium service for anyone that want more timely analysis. For most people, my free after-hours analysis is more than enough to help them navigate these choppy markets.

You’ve tried the hype. Now try the real thing. Sign up for my free email alerts and I will teach you how to trade the slow and hard way. There are no shortcuts here. But if you want to be successful at anything, you will never get there taking shortcuts. learn

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