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By Jani Ziedins | End of Day Analysis

May 20

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The S&P 500 bounced back from yesterday’s late-day tumble. But this was expected. As I wrote yesterday:

I don’t see any reason to expect today’s late selloff will turn into anything more dramatic. Last week’s dip was our best chance to crack this rebound. If bears couldn’t get it done with a far better setup, I doubt they have what it takes this time around.

And not only did the market shrug off yesterday’s dip, it went ahead and set yet another high water mark for this rebound. As bad as the economy is today, investors are encouraged by the modest improvements and are forecasting a far better outlook six months from now.

There are two ways to approach any market. Trading what we think “should” happen, or trading what “is” happening. As obvious as the correct answer is, far too many people get caught arguing with the market. There are a million reasons this market should be lower (30 million reasons if you count the job losses!) Yet this market keeps grinding higher. The worst economic contraction in modern history and stocks are barely down 10%. Surely something is broken.

And you know what, something probably is broken. But when the market is broken, we go with it, we don’t fight it. The only other option is to get out of the way. At this point, a mountain of stubborn bears have been bankrupted by this rebound. The more they resist, the more they lose. Now, maybe at some point they will be proven right. But most of them will be long dead and buried by then and that small victory won’t matter.

No doubt this market will go down at some point. But this is most definitely not that point. Until then, expect every dip to be quick and shallow. If this rebound was going to break, it would have happened by now. It is okay to disbelieve this market. But it is not okay to trade against it.

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