Is it too late to buy TSLA?

By Jani Ziedins | End of Day Analysis

Jun 10

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TSLA broke through $1,000 for the first time ever and is 250% above its March lows. That’s one heck of a ride for anyone lucky enough to catch it.

I will be the first to admit I’m not a big TSLA bull. It’s an expensive stock and prone to wild swings. But those same wild swings that give bulls and bears so much to argue about are the things swing-traders dream of. Who cares which side is right as long as the stock keeps giving us these huge, tradable swings.

Back in early May, I told readers this stock was buyable if it could get above $800 and hold those gains:

This is a strong sign and breaking through resistance in a sustainable way seems inevitable. That means the most likely next move is higher and if we get through $800, then all-time highs near $1,000 is the next stop.

Well, here we are! Now the big question everyone is asking is what comes next? This is a red-hot stock and there is a very good chance this is another bubble. While that scares some people, what should we be doing when we see a bubble? Why, buying it, of course! What a silly question.

Ride this thing higher with a trailing stop just under $1k and enjoy the profits. Obviously, the safer time to jump aboard this move was back at the $800 breakout. But for the more adventurous, this is still buyable with a stop just under $1k. That said, late buyers should be prepared to get squeezed out a few times by false alarms and whipsaws. But as long as you are committed to buying back in every time the stock pops back above $1k, you will be in the catbird seat for the next leg higher. A few small losses are no big deal if we are there to catch the next big move. $1,200 here we come!

Now that all the hype is out of the way, make sure you keep your head screwed on tight. Just because $1,200 seems likely doesn’t guarantee we will get there. Stay disciplined and always keep a nearby stop just in case we get this one wrong. If we get stopped out prematurely, we can always jump back in when prices recover. But losses, those are forever and we want to avoid them to the best of our abilities.

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