Why the S&P 500 is headed higher and the latest warning for GME owners

By Jani Ziedins | End of Day Analysis

Mar 10

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The S&P 500 finished Wednesday up as the relative calm in the bond market continues.

Bond investors are not fundamentally any different than stock investors. They are humans that feel the same tugs of greed and fear and are equally prone to overreacting to a selloff.

Chances are good a big portion of this latest runup in bond yields was triggered by a wave of contagious herd selling that got carried away. And that is the way equity investors are treating this as they buy last week’s dip.

The thing to remember in both stocks and bonds is most owners would rather keep holding than sell what they have. These episodes of runaway selling are triggered by fear. But after several days of calm, that fear dissipates and investors are able to make more rational trading decisions. And those rational decisions almost always include continuing to hold.

For the time being, the S&P 500 is acting well and there is only one way to trade this. Keep holding for higher prices with stops in the lower 3,800s. The advantage of buying the dip early is now we have a profit margin to protect us if the selloff resumes. Move your stops up to your entry points and see where this goes.

Silliness is returning to GME and the stock was up $100 Wednesday afternoon. That was until it fell $175 in a few short minutes. The size of the collapse was spectacular and shows just how thin the buying is in this stock. While most GME owners are “holding with diamond hands”, there are not many fools left willing to pay $300 for a $20 stock. All it takes is a few owners to start locking in their profits and this will get real ugly, real quick.

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