Jani’s Triple Levered Method – Introduction


Let me start by getting the most important thing out of the way, I am sharing my favorite trading strategy with you for free and with no strings attached. That’s right, put away your credit card. I’m not even asking for your email. The only thing you need is 30 minutes of your time to read through the following pages.

I believe this method is so vastly superior to anything else out there it would be criminal to hide it behind a paywall. While I’d be thrilled if you eventually subscribed to my Daily Premium Analysis Emails, that is not my goal today. Read these articles, learn from them, and improve your life. It really is that simple. All I ask is if this changes the way you look at the market, return the favor by sharing these articles with other investors. (You have no idea how helpful that is and these small gestures motivate me to keep writing free posts.)

The following trading method is the result of three decades of trading experience. After experimenting with countless overly-complicated strategies and techniques, I came to appreciate the genius of simplicity. That breakthrough cumulated in this stripped-down trading philosophy. And as with all brilliant designs, less is most definitely more. No doubt after reading through this brief series, you will also come to appreciate the genius of simplicity.

For those that cannot wait for the punchline, jump straight to Part IV. This is where I break down just how decisively this simple strategy dominates anyone chasing the hottest stocks. (Spoiler Alert: It works 300% better!)

When I initially developed this simplified approach, my original goal was to reclaim big chunks of my life back lost to toiling away under a mountain of charts and complicated strategies. What I didn’t expect was how this simplified method to so completely and totally dominate everything else. Easier AND more profitable? Surely that is too good to be true. But trust me, it isn’t. While chasing the next big winner is a lot of fun, if your primary goal is to make money, this is most definitely the superior way to trade.

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