Is it too late to buy TSLA? – Part II

By Jani Ziedins | End of Day Analysis

Jul 06

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TSLA is at it again, this time smashing through $1,300 and nearly reaching $1,400. Last month I wrote the post, “Is it too late to buy TSLA?” I even accused the stock of being a bubble. But unlike most critics, I don’t run from bubbles, I chase after them. And that’s exactly what I told readers last month.

This is a red-hot stock and there is a very good chance this is another bubble. While that scares some people, what should we be doing when we see a bubble? Why, buying it, of course! What a silly question.

That said, buying bubbles is risky and I told readers to be careful. I laid out a thoughtful trading plan that protected the late buyer but also left them in the best possible position to profit from the next big move.

[F]or the more adventurous, this is still buyable with a stop just under $1k. That said, late buyers should be prepared to get squeezed out a few times by false alarms and whipsaws. But as long as you are committed to buying back in every time the stock pops back above $1k, you will be in the catbird seat for the next leg higher. A few small losses are no big deal if we are there to catch the next big move. $1,200 here we come!

Obviously, my biggest mistake was being too modest with a $1,200 profit target. Silly me!

Now that we are nearly $1,400, is it too late to buy? Hell yes! We buy sensible levels where we can place an intelligent stop to protect our backside. Last month buying above $1,000 with a stop under this level was a very thoughtful level and a natural fit for this rally. As expected, there were a few whipsaws along the way, but as long as TSLA kept reclaiming $1k, we kept buying back in.

While riding whipsaws is annoying, it sure beats sitting through a 60% correction like stubborn owners did this spring. Even better, when stubborn owners were patiently waiting for prices to bounce back, the savvy trader is squeezing even more profit out of this trade. Why profit from a rally only once when we can profit from it twice?

Which brings us to the present. $1,400 is a stupid high level and we should be making a plan to take profits, not adding new money. Consider locking-in a portion of your profits practively and following the rest higher with a trailing stop. When this rally inevitably pauses and/or retreats, it will give us another sensible entry point and we buy back in for the next leg higher.

As for all of the other fanbois drunk on the Koolaid, remember, those that hold all the way up also hold all the way down. We only make money when we sell our favorite stocks. Just because we take sensible profits doesn’t mean we cannot buy back in when the time is right.

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